The Joseph Project for Men

Mission Statement: Our mission is to help fathers and men reach their full God-given potential. We provide mentorship, support, and training. We partner with local churches to not only meet the present needs, but to help men become engaged in their community. We offer support and healing for past choices. We present the Gospel:  we believe in the life-changing power of Jesus Christ as He is the foundation of our ministry. It is through God that this need will be met.

Our Vision: To see families and communities strengthened by men who put their trust in Christ. To see men paying it forward to support each other. To see a decrease in abortions as dads accept the challenges and blessings of being a father.

* We are donor supported and all of our services are free.

Before She Decides

Before She Decides

Is your wife or girlfriend pregnant? We can help you know for sure. We provide support to you the father as we know you may be nervous as well and have questions.

New Fathers

New Fathers

We offer parenting classes and mentorship for expecting fathers.

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Struggling with Pornography?

We have male mentors who have been down the same road as you.  We are here to support and walk with you.


STD Testing

We offer free STD testing and treatment for those facing the uncertainty of a sexually transmitted infection.

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Dale Skinner Boys 2 Men Bootcamp

For Middle School & High School Young Men

Dale Skinner Boys 2 Men Clay Shoot Fundraiser

April 20, 2024, 9 am - 1 pm (8 am registration)

Clay Shoot